Braided Fabrics

Braided structures are a versatile way of achieving small diameter tubes or cords.

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braided fabrics
braided fabrics
braided fabrics

Develop your Textile Solution with Culzean:


braided fabrics diameterbraided fabrics diameter

Braid diameters can be engineered to suit your application.

Special Features

braided fabrics special features

Could your braid benefit from additional features?

  • Strategic placement of different fibres
  • Over-braiding of a core material


braided fabrics conformabilitybraided fabrics conformability

Does you application need a tubular fabric that easily conforms to difficult shapes?

Or, do you require a rigid tube with no drape?


What fibres are most beneficial for your application?

braided fabrics fibrebraided fabrics fibrebraided fabrics fibre
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Glass fibre
  • Metal
  • Aramid
  • PVA


Many other fibres are possible. It is even possible to 'strategically' place the fibres within the structure.

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