Before we even get started, let’s make one thing clear - CONFIDENTIALITY …it is guaranteed and we will enter into an Agreement with you to establish this right at the outset.

There will come a time when you want the whole world to know about this idea but we understand that the time is not now. However, if we genuinely feel that it is not a feasible development idea, we will at this initial stage tell you so before you needlessly invest your money and time.

A new idea is always an exciting prospect …we love new ideas. We love to listen, we love to talk, we love to take your concept and work with you and watch it become a reality. We still experience that same feeling of excitement and anticipation when we are at the beginning of a new journey with a client.

Following an initial consultation we will help you assess your project’s textile viability and provide you with a development time scale and costings

It is then on to the actual Concept Design.

If you would like to discuss an idea
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