Narrow Fabrics

Knitted or Woven elastic and rigid narrow fabrics for many applications.

This multifunctional group of narrow fabrics find many uses in many applications.

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narrow fabrics
narrow fabrics
narrow fabrics

Develop your Textile Solution with Culzean:

Surface Treatment

narrow fabrics surface treatment

Will your fabric benefit from surface treatments?

  • Non-slip silicone
  • Anti bacterial.
  • Adhesives

Many options are possible.

Fabric Structure

narrow fabrics surface structurenarrow fabrics surface structure

Narrow fabrics can be engineered for your specific requirements.

Solid surface, net surface, pile surface... the choice is yours!


narrow fabrics elasticity

Does you application need a fabric that is easy or difficult to stretch?

Do you require stretch in one or many directions?

Elasticity can be engineered to suit your application.


narrow fabrics thickness

The thickness of narrow fabrics can be engineered for your application.

Special Features

narrow fabrics special featuresnarrow fabrics special featuresnarrow fabrics special features

Could your narrow fabric benefit from additional features?

  • Holes in specific areas
  • Uni-directional fibres
  • Cut lines
  • Re-enforcement zones
  • Improved fray resistance
  • Multiple layers


narrow fabrics breathability

Does your application require a breathable fabric?

We can engineer the porosity to your precise requirements.


narrow fabrics breathability

Does you application need a narrow fabric that easily conforms to difficult shapes?

Or, do you require a rigid narrow fabric with no drape?


narrow fabrics widthnarrow fabrics width

Do you require narrow bands of fabric with no cut edges?

It is possible to make our narrow fabrics from as little as a few millimetres wide.


narrow fabrics fibrenarrow fabrics fibre

What fibres are most beneficial for your application?

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Glass fibre
  • Metal
  • Aramid
  • Carbon Fibre

Many other fibres are possible. It is even possible to 'strategically' place different fibres within the structure.

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