Spacer Fabrics

This exciting group of 3D technical textiles is truly multifunctional.

3D Spacer Fabrics offer the unique possibility to combine many properties, functions and fibres within one 3D structure.

Relevant Case Studies

3D Ingredient Carrying Substrate

In 2005 Culzean was approached by a start-up company with a revolutionary concept for a civil engineering product. A Textile Solution was required to act as a substrate for carrying the clients ingredients in their new product.

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Non-invasive Fracture Treatment

Our client required a fabric that could be used as an interface between their revolutionary new device and a patient's limb. The fabric was required to provide cushioning and ventilation while also being soft and non-irritating to human skin.

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spacer fabrics
spacer fabrics
spacer fabrics

Develop your 3D Textile Solution with Culzean:

Surface Structure

spacer fabrics surface structurespacer fabrics surface structure

Each surface of a 3D Spacer Fabric can be a different structure with different properties.

Solid surface, diamond net surface, square net surface... the choice is yours!


spacer fabrics thickness
spacer fabrics thickness

The thickness of a 3D Spacer Fabric can be engineered to your precise requirements.

From as little as 1mm to approximately 20mm.


Compression Resistance

spacer fabrics compression resistance

Does your application need a fabric that is easy or difficult to compress?

Compression resistance can be engineered to suit your application.


Surface Treatment

spacer fabrics surface treatment

Will your 3D Spacer Fabric benefit from surface treatments?

  • Non-slip silicone
  • Anti bacterial.
  • Adhesives

Many options are possible.

Special Features

Could your 3D Spacer Fabric benefit from additional features?

  • Channels
  • Cut lines
  • Re-enforcement free zones
  • Multiple surface patterns
spacer fabrics special featuresspacer fabrics special featuresspacer fabrics special featuresspacer fabrics special features


spacer fabrics width

Do you require narrow bands of 3D Spacer Fabric with no cut edges?

It is possible to make our 3D Spacer Fabrics from as little as a few mm wide.


spacer fabrics breathability

Does you application require a breathable fabric?

We can engineer our 3D Spacer Fabrics to your requirements.

spacer fabrics fibrespacer fabrics fibre


What fibres are most beneficial for your application?

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Glass fibre
  • Metal
  • Aramid

Many other fibres are possible. It is even possible to 'strategically' place the fibres within the 3D structure.

One surface Nylon, one surface polyester perhaps?

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